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Grays Electrics are reliable and affordable smoke alarm installers in Rossmoyne. Whether you need a smoke alarm for the property you’re selling, or just want to take extra measure to keep your family from smoke and fire, the team at Grays Electrics are the guys to call. They have the professional experience and knowledge to install smoke alarms in your home at a great price!

If you are renting or looking to sell your property, the law requires that you have hard-wired smoke alarms installed but they also:

  • Can be either ionization or photoelectric smoke alarms
  • Must contain a separate backup batter, to still remain functional if the power goes out
  • Have to be located in high places and be free from ‘dead air zones’ so that they function correctly.

Installation of a hard-wired smoke alarm must be undertaken by a qualified electrician. Grays Electrics electricians will give you an electrical safety certificate upon the completion of the installation of smoke alarms at your Rossmoyne property. Real estate agencies require one if you plan to sell or rent out your property. Our expert team is fast, reliable and affordable.

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We are affordable smoke alarm installers. We can provide a quote over the phone.

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