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Professional electrical upgrades Fremantle. We fix or replace older wiring, replace or upgrade power points and switches

Grays Electrics perform electrical upgrades in Fremantle. We can perform a full safety inspection on the current state of your house wiring, and provide a free friendly quote on what’s needed to repair the old electrical wiring in your house or office. If you would like old brittle power points upgraded, old discoloured and brittle switches replaced or broken light fittings repaired or replaced, or even a full rewire of your Fremantle house or office, Grays Electrics can handle it.

We have Fremantle electricians very able to make an old electrical installation look brand new again. Electrical upgrades are a cost effective way of increasing the value of your Fremantle home, while greatly increasing the safety of the occupants. Older power circuits and power points and power cable get brittle with age, resulting in a dangerous situation. Older light switches may fade in colour, and arc or make a noise when you turn the light switch on. In extreme situations, this can cause a fire.


Grays Electrics offer you:

  • Quality wiring upgrades, new inexpensive switches and power points
  • We are fully insured electricians in Fremantle
  • Upfront pricing offered

It’s easy to not risk overpricing by taking advantage of our no obligation quotes for electrical upgrades in Fremantle. We are easy to work with, with flexible working hours, so for our commercial clients we don’t mind working nights and weekends if required.

Get your electrical upgrade in Fremantle done right the first time.

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Our Fremantle electricians are experts at power point installation. To be sure you get the best electrical upgrade in Fremantle, at a fair and expected price, use Grays Electrics.

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