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Cheap smoke alarm installers in Fremantle

Grays Electrics are reliable and affordable smoke alarm installers in Fremantle. If you require a smoke alarm because you’re selling your property, or simply want peace of mind that your family is protected, Grays Electrics hav the resources and professional experience to install your smoke alarms at a great price!

Hard wired smoke alarms are not only required by law if you are selling or renting your property, but they also:

  • Have either photoelectric or ionization smoke alarms
  • Contain a battery back-up, in case of power outages
  • Must be placed high and away from ‘dead air zones’ to ensure effectiveness

When choosing a smoke alarm, a professional installation is required. Grays Electrics Fremantle smoke alarm installers will provide you with an electrical safety certificate, which is required by real estate agencies if you are selling or renting out your house.

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We are affordable smoke alarm installers. We can provide a quote over the phone.

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