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white ceiling fan in bedroom with downlights

Looking to have ceiling fans installed in Fremantle? We are quality ceiling fan installers!

Grays Electrics are professional Fremantle ceiling fan installers. Ceiling fans require expert installation, which our fully insured Fremantle electricians are more than capable of. Whether you would like your ceiling fan replaced, or would like a new ceiling fan installed, Grays Electrics Fremantle electricians can handle the task.

When choosing a ceiling fan, you must take into consideration the height of the ceiling, as an extension rod may be required. Room size is also important as ceiling fans in Fremantle come in many different sizes. Wooden blades are much quieter, so are suitable for indoor use, while metal blades are more powerful. Marine grade stainless steel fans will be required in coastal areas to prevent corrosion.

Grays Electrics offer:

  • Expert ceiling fan installation service in Fremantle
  • Fully insured business
  • Free, competitive quotes

Ceiling fans must be correctly supported to the ceiling, to prevent risk of injury from falling. The junction box which the wiring connects to must be able to support the falling weight of the fan, as a fail-safe.

Grays Electrics Fremantle electricians are more than happy to come and give you a free quote for the supply and installation of ceiling fans. You will be surprised at how little we charge, for a quality job.

Our Fremantle electricians are professional ceiling fan installers. To be sure you get the best quality ceiling fans installed for the best price, use Grays Electrics.

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