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Our operating hours are from 6am-6pm, from Monday to Sunday. We also have a  24hr emergency electrical service for all after hours emergencies.

Yes, it is a requirement for your electrical contractor to provide you with an electrical safety certificate within 28 days of job completion. The only exception is repair work.

We also provide electrical safety certificates following an electrical safety inspection to confirm your property has at least 2 RCD’s (safety switches) protecting all relevant power and lighting circuits.

It depends on what type of electrical service you require. Upon request, we will provide upfront pricing before any electrical works are started. No one likes an unexpected bill, so this provides peace of mind. Remember, we do not charge for quotes!

While we make every attempt to attend jobs the same day, larger electrical jobs often require a notice submitted to the relevant network operator (Western Power for the Perth and South-West Region) prior to commencement. Emergency works such as lightning and other major faults are exempt from this requirement. Nonetheless, we will always do our best to get your electrical work completed as soon as possible.

We accept EFTPOS, Credit Card, Electronic Funds Transfer, Cheque and PayPal. Payment terms are 3 days from completion of work.

By far, we’ve found the most common cause of a tripping RCD is a faulty appliance. Unplug every item within your property, and attempt to reset the RCD. If it holds, plug each appliance in, one at a time, to discover which one is faulty. If you find a certain appliance to be causing the RCD to turn off, either throw the appliance out or arrange for an electrician to repair it.

If the RCD will still not hold, there are many other possible causes. Contact us on 0448 013 303 to arrange for a licensed electrician to identify the problem and provide you with a free quote to repair the fault.

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